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The high cost associated with hosting often frustrates individuals, interested in expanding their business worldwide by launching their online store. In an attempt to cut down on costs, often try to circumvent this issue by opting for companies that charge lower hosting costs. Most such individuals repent later on when they find hosting related problems such as:

• The connection speed is pathetically slow. Clients will never wait for more than a second or so for their browser to connect to a website. If it does not, they will try to log into some other website that offers better connectivity speed. Therefore, one should always select a company that actually provides high-speed backbone.

• The hosting company does not provide the amount of bandwidth and storage space promised. More often than not, cheap hosting companies have a fair usage policy (FUP) written in fine print in their `Terms & Conditions.’ People, eager to launch their website rarely read these clauses, which states that the hosting company will reduce the bandwidth after consumption of a specified amount per month. This is where reputable hosting companies, such as Fatcow, are different from the rest. They offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

• On many occasions, individuals using services of a cheap hosting company find that they are unable to access their website for updating it, because of server related problems. Such individuals can rest assured that they will lose a large number of clients because people rarely visit a website twice once they have come across the dreaded `website not found’ error message. Selecting a reputable hosting company that assures a minimum uptime of 99.99% prevents such problems from taking place.

• Companies that offer cheap hosting typically store websites of multiple clients on a single server. This decreases the overall bandwidth and increases the time required to log on to the site, especially if the individual attempting to visit the website hails from a different country. Opting for a company that employs cloud hosting resolves such problems.

How would you react if you had access to a special discount?
What would your reaction be if you are on the lookout for a hosting company and received a special offer from them that allowed you to cut down on their normal hosting charges significantly? You might be familiar with coupon codes that allow you to avail special discounts on specific products when you purchase goods from specific online stores. Are you aware of the fact that web hosting related coupons, offered by the best hosting companies, including the world famous Fatcow, allows you to cut down on hosting costs significantly? Search online for a Fatcow coupon… you will find many sites offering discount coupons by this hosting company.

Combining the discounts
By the way, you should also check Fatcow’s website. You will find a special offer that permits you to save 50% straightaway. You should first browse sites that offer the best Fatcow coupon codes & discounts. Examine the different types of discount coupons on offer, look for one that offers site wide discounts, and select it after confirming that the offer is valid. You can find this information mentioned just below the coupon code itself. Armed with this coupon, visit Fatcow’s website and choose their 50% discount offer. During checkout, use the code you had received from a site offering the best Fatcow Coupon | The Best Fatcow.com Coupon Codes & Discounts | Save Money With Fatcow.com Hosting.

Advantage Fatcow and discount coupons
You will not face any of the problems mentioned above when you opt for a reputable web hosting company such as Fatcow. Apart from this, you can depend on their support staff, available 24 x 7 to fix server related problems as soon as it crops up. Since this hosting company also offers cloud hosting, you can be sure that your overseas clients will be able to log on to your site immediately, as the cloud server redirects their browser to a host located geographically close to them.

Solid foundation
People typically opt for soil tests before proceeding with the foundation of their building. Laying a solid foundation enhances the longevity of the building and safeguards it from natural calamities such as earthquakes. Choosing a reputable web hosting company plays a large role in determining the stability of your online store. Save money with Fatcow.com hosting by including a Fatcow coupon code when you hire their hosting services.



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